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Membership options:

Duty Membership

A member will volunteer to help run a toy library session with the Toy Librarian for 2 hours once per term or 4 times in a one year membership or two sessions in a six month membership. 

$95 for a one year membership 

$65 for a six month membership

Non-Duty Membership

No duty expectation required. 

$170 for a one year membership 

$120 for a six month membership 


Info! No additional hire cost for toys, other than our "fundraising for new toys" car coaster ($10 for 7 days). You can borrow 5 toys every two weeks and can renew for another two weeks or swap them out earlier. Our most popular toys are available for two weeks only. 
Discount available for Community service card holder. Please enquire at the Toy Library.
Members are encouraged to join our Facebook page where information is provided. North West Toy Library.