EL103: Lovery Playkit - The Free Spirit

Lovery Playkit - The Free Spirit  photo
  • Category: EL
  • No Pieces: 101
  • Age: 2 - 3 years
  • Storage: : Sistema 14L


About this Play Kit

Your child is almost three years-old! Age three is sometimes called "the magic year," a time when language blossoms, independence and curiosity grow, and social-emotional skills start to sharpen. Embark on this special stage together with play essentials to support their growing skillset.

Key Features

  • Fit shapes and contrasting colors together

  • Early exposure to numeracy

  • Practice problem-solving and balancing skills

  • Engage in imaginative play

  • Build real-life skills


1 x Summary of content page
1 x PLAY Guide with 28 pages clipped together with pink plastic ring

1 x Fabric tent
4 x Wooden People
4 x Sleeping Bags

1 x Wooden Camper van
2 x Keys on a keyring

1 x "Now that I am Three" board book

5 x Solid Wood Stacking Boulders

Box with 41 x cards - Reach for the Stars Matching Cards (42 pieces)

1 x Wooden Counting Box
10 x Wooden Counters
10 x Plastic Heavy Duty Counting Cards

1 x Wooden Puzzle Base
18 x Puzzle Pieces for "Land & Sky Two-Part Puzzle" in ziplock bag

1 x 14L Sistema Box